I guess it's important to understand WHAT you want to build, are you looking for a massive track, are you looking for a ladder, Certain RaceGow, IGOW track?
Our DIY line, it's modular, it's designed to be built, then taken down, of course it's all about your craftsmanship, gluing, soldering etc. ... I'm suggesting, a RACEGOW track, cause this is what I built 1st .. BTW that's FPVSkittles in the picture, I'm not as handsome as this fella is!!
Let's do this by links;
1. 22 Pack of tubes - can build any of the 10 RaceGow Tracks
2. Fittings PVC Connectors
(4) - Elbows, (6) - T's. (4) - 4 Ways, (4) - 5 ways, and a couple 45, 90 degrees
** Our 90's are a .05 mm big, add a piece a tape on the edge of the tube, this does help ... rather have it firm, than loose
3. LED lighting - will need (1) Kit (3) individual bags of LED lights - this has an LED controller offer over 140+ lighting themes, Smartphone App
3a. LED lighting - (3) individual bags of LED lights
4. Wire Connectors - this is an area i would stock up on just in case you need to run more connectors At least 6-8 of these ... might only need 3-4 based on track but I have used 5 so far
4a. Wire Connectors At least 25 Pairs or more just in case a wire breaks
(these are very firm) but longer - currently what I am using, i cut these down to 2.5" long - these are "firm"
4b. Wire Connectors At least 25 Pairs or more just in case a wire breaks
(these are soft and very flexible & short! need to make sure you have enough length to connect between the led strips - Our WB Tube Cube uses these as main internal connectors
5. Daisy Chain Cables
2-4 pairs just in case - if you want a bigger track to build
6. Power Supply (Optional) if you want to go to a bigger track - 6A
the Power Supply in the 1st LED kit listed above can light up an entire RaceGOW track that's 20 Tubes, My home Track I use 22 Tubes, still no issues
7. GLUE - e60004-8+ tubes these are small only 15ML
the MOST important part, I slapped mounds on both ends of the tubes directly on top of the LED solder points and sides of the LED strip within the tube, these were built to be modular, take apart & set up again ... the LED strips have sticky tape on them also, i highly recommend Holding the tube upright and drop the LED strip through and press with a long stick, drum stick or anything you can get within that 3/4" Tube to press down this only helps ...
Final Notes: This is a DIY style project ultimately you are the manufacture / engineer, I suggest prepping everything, I took me and a friend 4 hours to build start to finish, with a few breaks in between, the skies are endless, once you get the flow it moves quickly, if needed we can also supply with a electrical flow chart ... getting power to all the tubes, as for the tubes - you want one male connector and one female connector on opposites sides, hence pair connectors, MAKE SURE to following the FLOW Arrows when soldering and connecting the tubes ... on the LED strip look for the ARROW, that the path in which the electricity flows...
of course if you have ANY questions, just JUMP into our weBLEEDfpv Facebook group or find us on our DISCORD server! We are all here to assist!
Kind Regards,