Alex Bryant - Roanoke, Virginia

Alex Bryant,
Roanoke, Virginia

Alex Bryant is also known as RABFPV representing Roanoke, Virginia. RAB has been flying since 2017 and has experience with other RC hobbies and he also has a solid esports gaming background, He does have autism and tends to be shy socializing at times, but he is no slouch flying FPV whoops. Never underestimate RAB because he's both fast and consistent. Some even call him King RAB! His racing career started very strong and continues to grow stronger over the years despite his challenge with autism. RAB is a champion for this community he is inspiring disabled pilots to never give up and keep trying, develop, hone & adapt to the challenge. RAB holds multiple big wins under his belt, including the 2021 Tiny Whoop IO champion title, Three-time Champion at Drone Zone Events. RAB is a force constantly positioning himself to stand on the podium with other top tier pilots. RAB loves a challenge when he's up to it, especially when he's a gamer at heart.