Brian Gillespie, Albuquerque New Mexico

Brian Gillespie, 
Albuquerque New Mexico

Brian “brighFive” Gillespie put off looking into fpv drones, knowing once he saw what all the fuss was about he probably wouldn’t be able to resist jumping all the way in. In a moment of weakness and boredom in October of 2019 he finally watched some YouTube videos and shortly thereafter all his other hobbies shriveled up and fell off.

brighFive is naturally predisposed to antisocial perseveration and so spending 2020 socially distant, breaking micro builds in his backyard was actually a pretty alright time for him. In the fall of 2020 he came across Tiny Whoop Go, an fpv simulator and the Discord community brighFive became slightly less antisocial, frequently bombarding fellow whoopers with his bizarre gif based humor.  This is the point in the brighFive Biopic where he started sim racing whoops in angle mode, placing 8th overall (behind then nemesis Jaysus) in the brushless winter series and met the weBLEED crew.

2021 has been pretty dang awesome for brighFive, whooplically speaking. He was drafted onto the Decepticyans as their tier 1 pilot for the 3rd season of the weBLEED Velocidrone racing series (along with now friend Jaysus).The Cycans were 2nd place underdogs to The Gratuitous Violets all through the season but spanked them soundly in the final, becoming whoop legends and international celebrities. Or something like that. He also attended some actual IRL whoop races at Whoop Wars Denver and
Whoops in Wonderland 2.

Currently, brighFive is having a blast trying not to earn any more letters in IGOW3 and is still “aww shucks you guys”ing about being invited to join team weBLEEDfpv. In spite of not being the most social dude, he loves the whoop community immensely and his only regret is not finding his way into the hobby and these friendships sooner!