Casey Mcclintic, Phoenix Arizona

Casey Mcclintic,
Phoenix Arizona

FREEDOM started flying after building his first freestyle drone in the winter of 2017. from then on, he was flying freestyle in flagstaff, AZ whenever and where ever he could. FREEDOM liked flying after a long day to relax and feel, well free. As time went on, He eventually met the Rekin’ crew in Phoenix, Arizona which pushed him further into everything about drones. Tinywhoop Racing, 5” Racing, Cine Whooping, and of course freestyle. He has competed in many Tinywhoop races and 5” races and has enjoyed every minute of it. FREEDOM states “The people in this community are truly the best type of people”. He enjoys the comraderies of likeminded people who compete in this sport together. FREEDOM eventually moved down to Phoenix to be closer to people who fly often. FREEDOM’S devotion and hard work has put him right where he wants to be in the drone community. FREEDOM’s commitment to Whooptopia, One of the Nation most recognized Whoop Racing events for the past several shows that he & the group that runs the show works really hard to make sure that the event runs smoothly, and it’s been an honor to be a part of that. It’s a huge honor to have FREEDOM on team weBLEED among some of the best pilots in the country!