Haven Gurka - Mesa, Arizona

Haven Gurka,
Mesa, Arizona

Written by, Haven Gurka 

I like to give credit to Mr. Steele for sparking my interest in FPV drones after seeing his YouTube channel. While I was trying to build my first 5” my parents bought me a Lizard95. Then one day on vacation I stopped by a hobby shop in California to buy a charger. I left with a charger and my first Tiny Whoop. I took it back to Arizona, found Rekt Drones and met a lovely community that I am proud to still be a part of today. They’ve pushed me to be the pilot I am through weekly races for fun and hard-core competition at Whooptopia. For those of you who don’t know you can spell FPV with the elements of the periodic table. Fluorine, Phosphorus, Vanadium. Vanadium is number 23 and is used in alloys to make fast flying aircraft. That’s how I found my callsign. I am honored to become a Team weBLEED Pilot!