Jonny Exner - Syracuse, New York

Jonny Exner ,
Syracuse, New York


His name is Jonny Exner, AKA. NeonFPV! He is from Central New York, near Syracuse! He has been racing FPV drones for around 5 years and he has always enjoyed the competitive aspects of it, Neon has been a true force to reckon with, Neon has a racing field down at his grandfather’s house, you can find him here grinding away, perfecting his lines, making those adjustments, knowing what lies ahead, At times Neon sets up a new course every week in the summer and pushes his limits! It’s been quite some time and has just recently got back into FPV whoop racing after a long hiatus and he’s ready to send it! His goal is just to perform to his best ability and enjoy himself while doing it and racing others! we look forward to our bright future, being a part of team weBLEED and getting a chance to race with some of the best FPV whoop pilots is pretty darn awesome! Let’s GO!!