Liz - Osijek, Croatia

Osijek, Croatia

Liz aka RibbitFPV is very active in the FPV Community. She is an announcer for national whoop races like Whooptopia and Whoop Wars, an organizer of the local club in the Seattle area, and she also races in the all the events she announces and hosts.

Liz began flying FPV in late 2019 after a friend built her a whoop that looked like a frog in an attempt to lure her into the hobby. She really likes frogs hence RibbitFPV was a perfect fit. She initially only flew at local races but after attending Whooptopia 2020 she began to really fall in love with the FPV community. During the pandemic she started flying in simulators a lot more and putting more effort into racing. Later in 2021 she took over as President of FPV Racing Seattle and started to revitalize the FPV Racing scene in the Seattle area. She has organized many whoop races at breweries, restaurants/bars, and even the local horse racing track and is working on a series that may be shown on ESPN2! Liz built her first 5" drone in 2021 and plans to start racing 5" drones in addition to whoops and she has done all this while also working a full-time job as a teacher and getting her Master's in Education.

Liz created FYS Crafts in mid-2020. She was already creating and selling a bunch of her awesome crafts and as IGOW became more popular she began to sell T-shirts and other IGOW merch and whoop related products through her site. FYS Crafts has sponsored many major whoop events like Whooptopia, Whoop Wars, and the weBLEEDfpv eSPORTS eSERIES. Visit to get yourself some of Liz's hand-made-crafts and IGOW/FPV theme apparel.