The Ultimate Sponsor Package

Sponsored Dining Experience for All Attendees, Dinner Buffett and Hot Carving Station Offerings. (1 maximum)

Ultimate Sponsorship Package

Cost: $2,500.00

1.Premium Brand Exposure
  • Prominent placement of your large-sized logo on the event livestream.
  • Featured large-sized logo on, accompanied by a link to your company website and/or bio.
  • State of the Art On-Site Programmable LED Banner – 164*60 Pixel Size Needed

    2.On-Air Commercial Segment
  • A special commercial segment (up to 45 seconds) aired multiple times during the event livestream. 

- You provide the commercial content.

3.Racecourse Branding

  • Exclusive sponsorship rights for four (4) vinyl banners strategically placed within and around the racing course.
  • Utilization of these banners during the buffet dinner.

    4.Extensive Social Media Presence
  • Multiple social media acknowledgments leading up to the event, during the event, and post-event coverage.
  • Amplified shoutouts during the live event, ensuring your brand reaches a broad audience.

    5.Attendee Engagement, Dining Experience 
  • All event attendees receive a gift bag featuring your company logo, enhancing their event experience.
  • Sponsored dining experience for all attendees, providing a dinner buffet with hot carving station offerings.

    6.Custom Branded Apparel
  • Production of 64 custom Northeast Whoop Championship T-Shirts, prominently featuring your Company Logo. 
  • These shirts will be distributed to all event attendees.

    7.Track Feature Recognition
  • Exclusive naming rights for one track feature during the livestream, putting your company in the spotlight.

    8.Event Livestream Coverage
  • The livestream will be broadcasted on both days, covering Qualifying and Mains events.
  • Event dates: March 16-17th, from 9 am to 9 pm (Please note that event times are subject to change).

    9.Product Integration
  • Opportunity for sponsors to include additional products or offerings,

- alongside the package at their discretion.

Experience the pinnacle of sponsorship with The Ultimate Sponsor Package and make a lasting impact on the 2024 Northeast Whoop Championships!

Note: All sponsors are welcome to include products in addition to the package costs if they choose.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor of weBLEEDfpv Northeast WHOOP Championships, please contact Jeff Grabowsky at 1-315-308-0588 or Ryan Lindsay Lessard 1-207-590-3131