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The BeeBrain Lite has been the go-to Flight Controller in the whoop world since its introduction and it is time to introduce the successor...

Introducing the AcroBee BeeBrain Pro!
The same dependable platform with upgraded features to keep you in the air longer. Turtle mode and more efficient ESC's are the big upgrades that will change how you fly from the ground up!

Turtle Mode

Everyone needs it every once in a while, may as well have it just in case! This function allows you to flip back over if you find yourself upside down after a crash.

ESC Efficiency Redefined!

1s crafts are meant to be quick, accurate and safe for those indoor races around crowds or just flying around the house with family so adding more power to them would defeat the main purpose. Instead we wanted to capture the power that is required and grant longer flight times! We have restructured how the ESC carries power to give longer, more fulfilling flights.


1x AcroBee Pro BNF FPV Drone

4x Azi 0.8mm Props

1x Plastic Carrying Case
weBLEEDfpv Drink Koozie

weBLEEDfpv Drink Koozie