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Nectar Injector Smart Charger

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2-Way Charging!
Because some customers use non-HV, and others like using HV batteries, our charger supports both! Each side of the charger has a switch, which can be switched to the HV mode, which will charge 4.35V LiHV batteries. The other position is non-HV mode, which will charge 4.2V batteries.


Some USB cables may reduce input voltage to charger that may cause dim light and reduced charging speed, please use included charging cable for maximum and proper charging speed.
If the supplied input voltage is 4.6v or less, the charger will not function properly.
Charger must be unplugged and replugged whenever switching from HV to non-HV charging.
When removing a battery from the charger that fits tight, gently wiggle side to side from the plastic base of the battery, pulling or yanking from the end of the battery can result in battery connector damage and is not covered under warranty.
5v Micro USB Input voltage (voltage over 6.5v will damage board)
2A charging total output (0.5a per PH2.0 Connector)
LED charge indicators
Trickle charge
Low power sleep mode
Carrying Case
Nitro Nectar Smart Charger
Micro USB Cable