NewBeeDrone BeeBrain BLV3 AIO Flight Controller

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The BeeBrain BLV3 Flight Controller Flight Controller!
The latest iteration of the BeeBrainBL contains massive improvements to the performance of the built in FrSky Receiver and built in video transmitter.

In addition, the MOSFETs were upgraded to support the power demands of micro toothpick drones.

The solder pads on each ESC were enlarged to enable custom builds! With plenty of surface area and spacing, you can now solder on any motor of your choosing. One of our favorite applications of the BeeBrain BL is in micro drones. Since the BeeBrain BL integrates the flight controller, ESCs, receiver, and video transmitter all in one package, it's insanely easy and clean to build.

Receiver Improvements - 50% More Range
Optimized SPI Receiver hardware to improve efficiency within the receiver.
Removable antennas.
Additional low noise amplifier to increase range.
Optional wiring harness is included to install an external receiver (Crossfire, Ghost, etc)
Video Transmitter Improvements - 120mW
New heatsink and layout to increase heat dispersion and efficiency.
Transmitting power increased to 120mW from 25mW (V2)
ESC Firmware: Ships with JESC 48 KHz. BLHeli_s capable.
ESC Specifications: 4 channel 12A ESC
Weight: 6 grams (including antennas and battery connector)
Size: Outer dimensions 29 x 29 x 7.6 mm
Holes: 25.5 x 25.5 mm
Battery input: 1 – 2 S
UART2 TX and RX free for external receiver (un-inverted SBus signal only)
Note: The default power mode is low (5mW). Set the power level to medium (50mW) before flying.

1 x BeeBrain BL V3 Flight Controller
4 x Grommet
4 x Screw
1 x JST 0.8 Wire for External Receiver
2 x Receiver Antennas
1 x VTX Antenna
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