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Nitro Nectar 250 HV

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Battery Disclaimer:

Li-Po and Li-Ion batteries must be cared for properly when stored, and NEVER charged, balanced, or discharged unattended.
ALWAYS be in the same room within line of sight of charging or discharging batteries.
NEVER charge or discharge batteries on a flammable surface.
Failure to follow these instructions may result in fire, personal injury, and/or property damage.
By purchasing this battery, you agree that weBLEEDfpv and the battery manufacturer are in no way responsible for consumer battery charging and care, or any of the risks associated with Li-Pos or Li-Ions.



These batteries add extra power to your setup and allow for even more powerful maneuvers and moves, and faster top speeds!

Our Nitro Nectar 250 HV uses the new beefier PH2.0 connector, and you will need a compatible power lead, such as our High Voltage PH 2.0 Power Cable. (This is the standard cable on the BeeBrain V2 and BeeBrain Lite)

These batteries can be charged to either standard voltage of 4.2v or high voltage of 4.35v. When charging them to 4.35V they come in at around 270 mAh!

You will need a high voltage capable charger, such as our brand new Nectar Injector portable USB powered charger.

cell count: 1
nominal voltage: 3.8V
max voltage: 4.35V
capacity: 250mah
continuous discharge rating: 30C
max discharge rating: 60C
dimensions: 44mm x 11mm x 5.5mm
weight: 6.91g
plug: PH 2.0

Watt hours: 0.95 Wh
Package Includes:
1x High Voltage 250 Nitro Nectar battery