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Introducing the PPP – your ultimate Prop Pinion Puller, affectionately dubbed OPP! This isn't just any tool; it's a legendary gadget that's been rocking since the 1930s! Picture this: a tiny yet mighty tapered fork slips effortlessly between your prop and motor bell. With finesse and precision, it gently coaxes them apart. But wait, there's more! For those stubborn props with top-through holes, unleash the power of the tiny plunger! Just a push downwards on the motor shaft, and pop! Off comes the prop, like magic! Imagine the thrill of finally conquering that stubborn prop – pure satisfaction, right? And guess what? The the PPP isn't picky. It plays nice with most Gemfan 31mm 2, 3, and 4 blade props, most HQ-Prop V2 31mm 3 and 4 blades, and most NewBeeDrone Azi 31mm 3 and 4 blade, NewBeeDrone Venom V2 30mm Bi-blades, and who knows what else? with the PPP, prop removal is not just a chore – it's effortless!

You Down With, OPP? 


Key Features:
- Robust Injected Molding Handle for Durability, COLOR RED
- Equipped with a Spring-Loaded Mechanism for Ease of Use.
- Enhanced Pin Hardness for Strength.
- Interchangeable Pins: Sizes available in .80, .95, 1.5, and 2.0mm.
- Convenient Pin Storage provided within the Anodized Steel Tube.


Technical Guide for Using the PPP on a Drone.

**Tip 1: Proper Placement of the PPP Fork**  
To effectively use the PPP, carefully position the fork so that it sits just under the prop and rests on top of the motor bell. This placement ensures minimal resistance and avoids undue force. Excessive force can bend the motor post, potentially causing the motor to lock up. Always aim for a gentle fit to prevent damage to the motor—learn from common mistakes and handle with care.

**Tip 2: Aligning the Pin Point**  
Ensure the pin point of the PPP is precisely aligned with the motor post. This can be verified by placing the pin inside the propeller hole, securing the correct alignment. Proper alignment is crucial for the smooth operation of the PPP and will facilitate easy removal of the propeller without causing any damage to the motor or propeller. 

By following these two key tips, you can anticipate a hassle-free and smooth operation when using the PPP on your drone.




(1) the PPP 

(4) Pins - Unscrew the Top or Bottom to access the pins, within the anodized tube ... see pictures above.